About Me

I first fell in love with travel after finishing my journalism degree at uni and spending 7 weeks travelling around South East Asia. The sights, the culture, the tastes, and the people, took my breathe away and left me with a longing to jump on a plane and explore more new places.

After getting a job for an energy company and working every hour possible for nearly a year, I finally had enough money to set off on my dream adventure. From the sand dunes in Vietnam to deserted islands in Indonesia, I spent 3 months exploring the second half of SE Asia that I had missed the first time, before venturing across the water to Australia.

I’ve spent the last year living in Australia, working any job I could get my hands on, (including 3 months packing peppers in a small farm town in north Queensland,) to fund my travels around Australia.

I’m currently living in Sydney, working in a chilled out call center, and trying to complete an online ‘teaching English as a foreign language’ course. I have plans to travel to the Philippines, Dublin, and round the UK during a 6 week trip back home for both my brother’s and cousin’s weddings.

In my spare time, I like to read, write, play squash and tennis, explore new places around Sydney, hang out with friends and immerse myself in Sydney culture.